Passionate and energetic strategists, marketers, creatives and make-it-happen professionals who like what we do. That is EastWest in a nutshell—a young and enthusiastic agency that represents a brain trust remarkably broad and deep in capabilities and experience. From understanding audience needs to market segmentation, from brand-building to strategic planning, EastWest’s core competency is taking our clients Up and to the Right!

Seasoned leadership team. EastWest has built a leadership team of savvy and experienced marketers—with a strong marketing ROI heritage. Teaching brand marketing at the university level, leading brand development campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, providing strategic planning consultation, creative services and marketing management services to an impressive array of clients, the EastWest team promises the kind of strategic critical thinking, researched recommendations and hands-on implementation that can take you to the next level of success.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to tell you about how our capabilities and experience—and consistent record of success for clients—can serve your needs in the days ahead.